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At Techfields, we are focused on transforming clinical development and therapeutic delivery to make drugs more effective and help people live a better life.

Why therapeutics need to change

Why therapeutics need to change

Outside of a hospital setting, most therapies are taken orally or via injections — methods which are prone to problems.

After oral medications go through the digestive system, they are broken down by different parts of the body. This leads to higher doses and reduced efficacy. Bypassing this route and targeting specific areas of the body directly allows our products to have a safer toxicity profile.

Over time the toxic effects of oral medications can be pronounced. For example, NSAIDs, cause toxicity related to the stomach lining that grows worse when used chronically.

For these reasons, oral medications are far from ideal.

How we’re making drugs better

At Techfields, we have developed a novel technological approach to drug development to solve unmet medical needs.

Our transdermal delivery platform allows drugs to penetrate the skin and other biological barriers much faster, resulting in greater bioavailability. Although there are currently available transdermal medications for pain, their bioavailability and time of effect are quite low.

This means that rather than relying on pills, injections, infusions, patches, or gels, therapeutics can be delivered in a quick-drying spray mist, right where they’re needed.

How we're making drugs better
The future of therapeutics
The gray area of the molecule represents Ibuprofen

The future of therapeutics

Although Techfields’ platform seems simple, it is in fact highly sophisticated, enhancing outcomes with a much safer profile and greater bioavailability.

We work with established, previously approved drugs and modify them for transdermal use. Since our technology allows these prodrugs to cross biological barriers (skin, blood-brain) and areas with limited blood supply (e.g. cartilage), we can target not only the therapeutics’ intended targets, but also extend the therapy to potential indications across other therapeutic areas.

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