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At Techfields, we work with approved medications to create prodrugs. Clinical studies have shown these prodrugs have the potential to be more effective at lower dosages, helping patients experience the same results with fewer side effects.


We are cutting-edge and collaborative—agile like a start-up, but with the R&D experience of a world-class pharmaceutical company. We welcome scientifically focused partnership opportunities and would be happy to explore the chance to work with you on sponsored research, licensing agreements, and more. Contact us to propose a partnership.


Techfields’ clinical trials safely test new ways of administering previously approved drugs. The goal is to find out if a new treatment works—or works better than existing methods. If you are interested in helping others by participating in a trial, we’d like to talk to you. Explore our current trials.


Techfields Inc., A Pharma Company, is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focusing on improving drug effectiveness. We adapt safe, clinically approved drugs for rapid penetration into target tissues, allowing small molecules to cross biological barriers for better delivery and greater efficacy. Interested investors, please contact (571) 276-5371.


Techfields is committed to a professional working relationship with all media and welcomes inquiries.
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Techfields is dedicated to preventing, healing and curing human disease.

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