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Techfields Inc. is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on advancing novel administration pathways to improve the safety and therapeutic effect of biologics and drug therapies.

Our novel design adapts experimental or clinically approved drugs for rapid transdermal penetration into target tissues. This enables small molecules or biological therapies to cross tissue barriers more safely and effectively than by oral or intravenous routes.

This technology may be applicable across multiple therapeutic areas, including neurologic disease. Because tissues are targeted directly, the potential exists to dramatically lower effective doses, improve local deliverability, and even re-examine therapeutics (such as peptides) that were once therapeutically irrelevant.

Preclinical studies show the potential for a greater than 98.5% reduction in the required dose for a disease like osteoarthritis; this is currently being examined in Phase 3 clinical trials. Techfields has received Fast Track designation for its first pipeline product addressing pain in osteoarthritis. Techfields' second pipeline product addresses the hyperinflammatory state related to complications from COVID infection.

Mission and Vision

Techfields takes currently approved, well-established, small molecules and biologics and creates prodrugs with the potential to achieve more significant effects through ease of administration and the potential to get higher concentrations of medicine directly into tissue. Our goal? Simplify and improve therapeutics to help everyone, everywhere, enjoy a better quality of life. We envision making all medications easily accessible to improve the impact on patients across multiple therapeutic areas.

Our History

Techfields Inc. was founded in the mid-2000s by Chongxi Yu, Ph.D. After obtaining his doctorate in Bio-Organic chemistry from Rutgers, Dr. Yu became interested in novel methods of delivering therapeutics with the potential to decrease drug toxicity and increase efficacy. More importantly, he envisioned a world where drugs worked better so people with chronic debilitating disease can live a better quality of life.

The first pre-clinical studies began in 2008. After a successful series A funding, X0002 became Techfield’s first approved investigational new drug application (IND) under the FDA. Currently, X0002 is in Phase 3 under a special protocol assessment and Fast Track designation.

Since then, nine other products have entered various stages of Techfields’ pipeline. The most advanced is X0002, which early studies have shown has the potential to achieve 100X greater tissue level of Ibuprofen compared to oral administration.


Dr. Yu was the first to put forward this theory about drug absorption that forms the backbone of Techfields’ technology. After years of dedicated effort, he has not only established this method of manufacturing novel prodrugs, but also substantiated his theory of absorption in pre-clinical studies supporting two investigational new drug applications.

Chongxi Yu, Ph.D.


Lina Xu received her M.S. in chemistry from Zhejiang University. She has 17 years of experience in drug research and development, with rich experience in product development and project management. She is responsible for new drug development and patent application, as well as daily affairs management of the company.

Lina Xu, M.S.


Dr. Yichun Sun received his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Dr. Sun has worked in academia (Department Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Tennessee Health Science Center), regulatory services (US FDA) and the pharmaceutical industry, with more than 25 years of pharmaceutical working experience. Dr. Sun is responsible for regulatory affairs and quality assurance.

Dr. Yichun Sun, Ph.D.


David Shan received his B.S. in Economics at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Being a Certified Public Accountant and Internal Auditor, David acquired over 20 years of hands-on experience in finance and management, including 13 years in a director-level capacity, with reputable corporations of diverse industries. He is responsible for finance, operations, controls & procedures, and strategic planning.

David Shan


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